I work across the entire development process, from initial research, developing drafts and prototypes, getting feedback from users, to crafting the final design. I can also focus primarily on the visual design aspects and offer advice for later development.

Information Design

I create data visualizations to communicate and clarify information. I focus on the audience and communication goal, and from there determine what visual solution is appropriate. I've worked on static, animated, and interactive solutions, depending on what is most effective for the project.

Biomedical Communications

My scientific background and training has uniquely equipped me for creating communication pieces in science and healthcare. I've designed for both scientific and lay audiences, whether by making journal figures, slide presentations, infographics, and more.

Teaching & Training

I offer training in data visualization and design through workshops and lectures. I've taught in both academic and corporate settings, primarily to equip non-designers to more effectively communicate their work.

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